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Microsoft AutoRoute

Microsoft AutoRoute's icon

File types which Microsoft AutoRoute can open
There is no description for this extension.
There is no description for this extension.
Protocols which Microsoft AutoRoute can handle
This software is also known as:
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Manufacturer: mistake?
Category: unknown mistake?
License type: proprietary mistake?
Last version: 2002
Last update: 11 Jul, 2012

Known versions

  Version Architecture Distribution First Seen
2002 x86 1.3% x86 5.4% x86 12.1% x86 16.8% x86 0.7% x86 12.8% x86 1.3% x86 9.4% x86 15.4% x86 8.1% x86 0.7% x86 6.7% x86 1.3% x86 4.7% x86 2.7%
0.0 x86 0.7%